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Jen 2010 Jen Hegerty is an Elementary School Counselor at Wilson Hill and Brookside Schools in the Worthington School District. She has a Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology Education from The Ohio State University and a Master of Education in School Counseling from University of Dayton. She also has training and certification from the Interfaith Center for Peace, Second Step, Crisis Prevention Institute, Active Parenting Instructor, Advanced Meditation Training, School Counselor Academy, and Integrative Yoga Therapy Teacher.

Jen worked on Worthington School Counselor Workhorse Team which created the 2011 board adopted Worthington Schools K-12 Comprehensive Program which aligns with the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) standards for the national school counselor model and also served on the Worthington School Counselor Leadership Team. She is a member of the Ohio School Counselor Association (OSCA) and American School Counselor Association (ASCA). She also supervises practicum and intern students from The Ohio State University and University of Dayton.

She has also been featured in a New York Times article about responsive services to Wilson Hill families in need and wrote an article for OSCA Spring 2011 Advocate on responsive services for elementary students. Jen also written several children's picture book manuscripts. Her manuscripts core theme is helping children work through their feelings and problem solving what to do. Jen's first manuscript was Jorge's Journey,a boy named Jorge who has questions about his heritage. What to Do Series: I Will Remember You about a boy named Caleb and his experience with grief and loss. The Wo-Town Adventures: The ICK gets Sick and My Family is Changing: In both books, Wo-Town Elementary School kids work together tp problem solve how to handle feelings of change. In the book The ICK Gets Sick, The kids help each other overcome anxiety with the helpful lessons from their school counselor Mr. Peacelovin. In the book, My Family Is Changing, kids deal with common feelings of change and understanding what is kid stuff and adult stuff.

Yoga Instructor and Wellness Coach: Yoga and meditation have had a significant impact on her personal and professional life. With Jen's love for teaching and sharing information, she integrates yoga and meditation principals into her lessons to help students to learn different ways to relax, de-escalate strong emotions, and calm down through movement, deep breathing, self-talk, and guided imagery. Jen is teaching yoga at the Wellness Studio at Skaates Family Chiropractics. She works with clients on using the breath through movement to help with mobility, strength, and stretching muscles through yoga. Jen is also Wellness Coach and sees children, teens, and adults using the Student Success Coaching Model on Social, Emotional, Personal, Academic, and Wellness issues. Jen also is a doTERRA Essential Oils Consultant and uses oils as part of her daily practice as well as with her clients. To schedule a consultation, please contact her at jhegerty@worthington.k12.oh.us or 614.425.7128.


Children's Booklist- Jen created a booklist of a variety of books she uses in the classroom and in small groups. Some of the books listed were also recommended. In conjunction with www.amazon.com, parents can gather more information about the book or purchase it.  All proceeds made from using the link go to purchasing more books for my schools. How great is that!

School Counseling Services: At Brookside and Wilson Hill Schools, Jen provides responsive services and educational coaching to students, staff, and parents individually and small groups; teaches classroom school counseling curriculum in the social/emotional, academic, and career domains. She also provides individual student planning by creating IAT (Intervention Assistance Team) tier I, II, III intervention plans for 21st Century differentiated learning. Her school program aligns with the ASCA model and the Worthington Schools K-12 Comprehensive Program.

Small Groups: Jen offers groups for students at Brookside and Wilson Hill. If you are interested in having your child participate, please contact Jen at jhegerty@worthington.k12.oh.us.

Additional Services Offered:

For more information, please email at: jhegerty@worthington.k12.oh.us.


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